In this week's media training tips Guy Clapperton discusses how to get out of stinking awkward questions from journalists, also how to conduct yourself whilst arguing on social media and finally getting to the point in a press release.

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In this episode I look at whether you're addressing your audience well enough on social media; I consider how to handle an aggressive journalist and I ask in the light of the release of my new book: what do books actually do for your business?

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This week ThatMediaGuy, OK, Guy Clapperton, helps you take control of an interview, looks at what people worry about before an interview (and what they'd be better off considering) and asks what can ruin a good picture opportunity.

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...on end games when you're pitching stories, on having a purpose talking to the press in the first place and my thoughts on where Facebook is letting us down...

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This week senior journalist Guy Clapperton looks at what can happen when someone melts down on stage, why you shouldn't pinch other people's stuff and how journalists will handle prepared quotes.

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Cameron's media highs and lows - in a single week. Plus, shou

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This week I look at why you need to prepare for media interviews; also how one individual could speak for three hours without boring people and whether the freebie culture that exists in journalism is 100 per cent wrong.

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In this week's selection of media and presentation tips, senior journalist Guy Clapperton is bemused by a pitch to something that doesn't actually exist; he faces up to some tough media training candidates and he's sent to school to help some students but ends up learning rather a lot himself.

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This week I look back at President Kennedy on TV, I consider how to talk to students and I look at stuff journalists do to PRs that is plain wrong. This radio show is available through my app, ThatMediaGuy, on iTunes as part of the Podcast Box app and through the Amazon app store for Android.

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This week I get a bit concerned at people condemning their competition in the media. I also go to the opera and gain some insight into keeping content fresh, and then I come over all 'I've got an app'...

By the way, the first extra with the app is going to be a free e-copy of my book, Hacked About, which is full of media and presentation tips - enjoy!

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